ICE Global Consulting, Inc.


ICE Global combines our expertise in clinical study site agreements and investigator site costs to give you greater contract control, predictability, and speed. ICE Global’s specialized attorneys and skilled negotiators deploy streamlined processes to cut months off the normal contract cycle, and tens of thousands of dollars off typical legal and operational costs per site. Additionally, our delivery of site payments services through the ClinRun platform offers clients flexibility and transparency into the payment process at a macro and site level. ICE Global’s site payment team enhances the technical capabilities of ClinRun by incorporating a dual review QC process of each piece of information going into the system to minimize errors and improve site satisfaction.


ICE Global also offers Site Readiness, a specialized process to collect essential documents for site activation, as well as review and negotiation of informed consent forms (ICF). Through a two-fold process, the site documentation is divided into first an initial critical-only document collection, followed by the remainder of site document needs after activation. Utilizing this strategy allows for a faster front-end process, facilitating an earlier activation. ICF review can be completed beginning from the Master level, creation of Country level and/or guiding sites through site customization and ethics submission. Assisting sites through the pre-activation documentation relieves a significant portion of their resourcing burden, allowing limited resources to focus on other critical, non-administrative study tasks.


Additionally, ICE Global offers a wide variety of study start-up consulting and staffing solutions to augment its Sponsor and CRO client-base. Through its staffing solutions services, ICE Global provides resources ranging from in-house lawyers to contracts managers experienced in both project management, clinical contracting, and budgeting to ensure you have the right human capital necessary to meet your organization’s strategic and operational goals.