ICE Global Consulting, Inc.


An experienced global team focused on strategically navigating clients through the clinical contracting, investigator budget development, essential document collection, and global site payments processes.

ICE Global


ICE Global combines our expertise in clinical study site agreements and investigator site costs to give you greater contract control, predictability, and speed. ICE Global’s specialized attorneys and skilled negotiators deploy streamlined processes to cut months off the normal contract cycle, and tens of thousands of dollars off typical legal and operational costs per site. Additionally, our delivery of site payments services through the ClinRun platform offers clients flexibility and transparency into the payment process at a macro and site level. ICE Global’s site payment team enhances the technical capabilities of ClinRun by incorporating a dual review QC process of each piece of information going into the system to minimize errors and improve site satisfaction. 

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ICE Global brings a highly skilled team of global negotiators with the experience and site-specific knowledge to expedite clinical contract negotiations. We understand site expectations and assist our clients with establishing strategies for working with the institutions to expedite the negotiation process.

ICE Global understands the complexities and challenges of navigating the contract negotiation process across regions and countries, with differing languages and cultures. We are prepared for success by utilizing our cultural and language-conscious approach in over 60 countries.


Our team leverages historic site information coupled with in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and industry standards to achieve contract finalization quickly and adeptly.